Advocare Arginine Extreme Review

Advocare Arginine Extreme is a pre-workout product that aids in producing more nitric oxide in the body through l-arginine, amino acids, and vitamin b’s.

arginine extreme

Focus of Arginine Extreme

Arginine Extreme focuses on building lean muscle through cardio and weight lifting workouts. With 2,500 mg of l-arginine, your body will be able to have longer endurance during exercise through the buildup and release of nitric oxide in the blood.

Nitric oxide improves the transmission of oxygen to the rest of the body, therefore giving more energy to your muscles when they need it during that last rep. By relaxing blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow, you will feel less tired during your workout.

L-arginine and nitric oxide have also been shown to reduce recovery time after a workout. Less recovery time means more time working out the next day.

An added focus, as an l-arginine product, is cardiovascular and immune system health. L-arginine and b vitamins lend to lower blood pressure through opening up arteries and providing strength to the heart.

B vitamins are immensely powerful in providing immune system support and giving your body the energy it needs to fight off bacteria.

Arginine Extreme also includes folic acid and riboflavin, which have been proven to aid in heart health and strength.

How to Take Arginine Extreme

Arginine Extreme is a powder supplement that can be stirred or shaken with 8 oz of water.

For athletic performance: Take 2-3 servings 30 minutes before workout on an empty stomach. You’ll get that boost and stamina you want to get you through an extra set.

For cardiovascular health: Take 2-3 servings a day. Your blood pressure can lower and you will feel more energized.

Who Should NOT Take Arginine Extreme?

  • Pregnant/Nursing Mothers
  • People Under 18 Years Old
  • Cancer Patients/Have Had Ocular or Brain Herpes
  • Bottom Line:

    If you’re looking to step up your workout and gain some serious lean muscle, this product is for you. The combination of l-arginine, vitamin b’s, and additional amino acids will help you feel pumped up, energized, and ready to tackle that workout.

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