Advocare Arginine Extreme Supplement Review

Getting an l-arginine supplement that truly puts in the work for you is important to your success. Advocare Arginine Extreme does just that.

Advocare Arginine Extreme Supplement Review

Arginine Extreme

What’s in Arginine Extreme?

Arginine Extreme will give you better endurance and stamina during cardio and weight-lifting workouts. It contains 2,500 mg of l-arginine per serving, giving your body the nitric oxide boost it needs to push yourself.

To give yourself an even bigger nitric oxide boost, take this supplement 2 or 3 times a day. Your blood will flow better and aid in recovery.

Arginine Extreme is also packed with key vitamins like vitamins B-6, B-12, and folic acid. All of these help to reduce inflammation and support a healthy blood flow. They also help to keep your immune system strong, letting you not miss a day.

Other ingredients like taurine, l-lysine, and l-glutamine also support better blood flow and nitric oxide production. Taurine also increases energy levels so you can keep going in your workout.

How to Take Arginine Extreme

As stated above, you can take this supplement 1-3 times each day. It’s a powder supplement, so mix it into a shake, a smoothie, or water.

If you’re taking it for exercise, take it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before working out.

Bottom Line

For about $36.99 per bottle and 40 servings in each one, this is a great deal. However, if you’re taking it more than once a day, it will only last you less than a month.

It’s still not the most expensive l-arginine product on the market by far, so it may still be worth a shot.

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