AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine Review

Building muscle doesn’t always happen as quickly or easily as we’d like it to. Men and women can fix that problem by taking AMRAP Nutrition L-arginine, which is a pre-workout supplement that is formulated to get you gains.

AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine Reviews

AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine

What’s in AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine?

AMRAP stands for “as many rounds as possible.” Many athletes will use this system to time themselves and push themselves as hard as they can for that set time.

AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine keeps its formula simple with only two ingredients: L-arginine AKG and l-arginine base.

L-arginine AKG is a form of l-arginine that is more specified to take place during the Krebs cycle, which is when energy is produced. Because of this, more energy is created right in the muscles, helping to get longer lasting output.

L-arginine base is the basic form of l-arginine as an amino acid. It is more bitter tasting than other forms of l-arginine. L-arginine base is also a free form of l-arginine, which means that there is no other ingredient involved.

Each serving contains 1,000 mg of l-arginine AKG and 1,000 mg of l-arginine base.

One of the best things about AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine is that there are no other ingredients included in the formula. The majority of l-arginine supplements include a list of “other ingredients”, but AMRAP does not.

AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine keeps its product pure and leaves out any questions about fillers used.

How to Take AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine

AMRAP is a powder supplement, so it will need to be mixed into a drink or smoothie. For best results, take one to two scoops 30 minutes before exercise.

Two scoops will give you better results than one since the recommended dose by researchers is 5,000 mg.


Once again AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine proves itself to be a contender among other l-arginine products because of its price point.
For only $34.95, you can get 50-100 servings out of each bottle, depending on how many scoops you take each day. That’s nearly double what most other brands give for similar cost.

Bottom Line

AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine does not mess around as a straightforward l-arginine product. In fact, this is one of the purest formulas that we’ve seen.

If you take two scoops, it will give you enough l-arginine to produce the best results. To boot, the price is hard to beat for the amount of product you get.

AMRAP Nutrition L-Arginine is a quality product that can maximize your performance.


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