Apps to Help Keep Your Health Resolutions

About 40% of people in the United States make New Year’s resolutions each year. Only about 9% of them say that they have success. There are plenty of phone apps to help keep your health resolutions this year.

Apps to Help Keep Your Health Resolutions

Apps to Help Keep Your Health Resolutions

Technology has a come a long way in the last decade, especially with smartphones. Phones can take your heart rate, track your steps, and log your miles.

Sophisticated apps that utilize that technology and add on their own can help you track your goals, food, and so much more. Even more, they can motivate you to keep going.

1. Zombie Run-Free

One of the more fun, innovative apps that came out last year, Zombie Run will have you running–fast. While you run, you are completing a mission and collecting materials for your team, all while keeping the human race safe.

You’ll be too distracted by the fight to stay alive to notice that you’ve put in some hard work and miles. The more you run, the more you receive different missions and objectives.

2. Spotify-Free

You may already have this app on your phone, but get ready to use it for a whole new purpose. Spotify Running is definitely one of the best and simplest apps to help keep your health resolutions.

By measuring your running pace, Spotify Running will pick songs that match it with beats per minutes. So, if you’re running faster, it will pick a song that matches your cadence to keep that fire lit. If you’re doing a cooldown, it will pick something that helps you.

3. Fooducate-Free

This app is the best grocery shopping companion if you’re trying to stay healthy and lose weight. Enter your age, weight, height, and any allergies and it will help you find foods that are right for you.

You can scan barcodes as you shop and read up on each item. Fooducate will help you to pick the best ones to meet your goals.

4. Rise-$14.99/Week

If you’re wanting to be a bit more serious about eating healthy and need a little more help doing it, Rise is for you. Rise is one of the great apps to help keep health resolutions because it lets you work with a real nutritionist.

At $14.99 a week, it’s not the cheapest app on the market, but you will get tailored help depending on your health goals. All you do is send photos of each meal to your nutritionist and they will tell you what changes need to be made.

5. MyFitnessPal-Free

There can’t be a list of apps to help keep health resolutions without MyFitnessPal. Now owned by Under Armour, this app is the most popular health app in the world.

MyFitnessPal lets you put in your weight and goals and then tells you how many calories to eat per day, as well as micronutrients. All you do is log in everything you eat by scanning barcodes or searching in its vast database of over 6 million food items.

6. Meditation Studio-$2.99

This app is made for mental health more than physical health, but mental health is just as important! The app is simple–you pick a meditation practice that suits your current needs.

For $2.99, you get 160 different meditations that you can ease your mind to. It will be a long time before you use the same one twice. Your mind will thank you for helping it relax and find its happy place.


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