ArgiLife Review

L-arginine supplements can be used as a pre-workout or to increase heart health by lowering blood pressure. Taking l-arginine helps to increase nitric oxide and open up blood vessels, improving blood flow to the heart. ArgiLife can help you to lower your blood pressure and gain energy.

ArgiLife Review

ArgiLife is an l-arginine powder supplement, that has added vitamins so you don’t need a multivitamin too. Its formula was created by scientists who know how to fully provide the benefits of l-arginine.

argilife review

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What’s in the Formula

Inside ArgiLife you can find different ingredients that can help you to get heart healthier, boost your immune system and energy levels.

Proprietary Blend

In this proprietary blend of ArgiLife, there are 8 grams of l-arginine AAKG which is more than many other l-arginine supplements provide in a serving. The recommended dosage is at least 6 grams of l-arginine, so ArgiLife is well covered in that department.

The other ingredients listed in proprietary blend include l-citrulline malate, l-histidine, l-proline, l-taurine, AstraGin, beetroot extract, watermelon extract, resveratrol, and alpha lipoic acid.

All of the listed ingredients help to increase the production of nitric oxide and make sure that as much of the amino acids are being absorbed and used as possible.

The one downside of using a proprietary blend is that beyond the company stating that there are 8 grams of l-arginine AAKG, it is unknown how much of the rest of the ingredients is included. It may not be enough to make a significant difference, but the amount of l-arginine that it contains is promising.


ArgiLife contains essential vitamins that help metabolism up and keeping your kidneys and heart functioning properly. If kidney function is off, then high blood pressure may occur, causing potential heart problems.

Vitamins like folate and magnesium are especially effective in maintaining heart health. In ArgiLife, there is 125% of the daily value of folate and 50% of magnesium.

How to Take ArgiLife

ArgiLife is a drink mix that you can add to water, juice, or a smoothie. It is mango flavored, so make sure to pair it well.

The serving size is 2 scoops, giving you 8 grams of l-arginine. If you feel like you want less, you can half the serving size or tailor it to your needs.


ArgiLife is not the cheapest l-arginine on the market, at $59.95 for a single bottle. The price does drop the more you buy. There are options to buy 3 bottles for $149.95 or 5 bottles for $225, making it $45 a bottle.

Each bottle will last you a month if you take the recommended 2 scoops a day.

Bottom Line

ArgiLife will give you more than enough l-arginine to see results, but the price point may be a little too high for the product. The quantity of the ingredients in the proprietary blend are unclear, which makes it hard to know how much more effective the product is with them included.

However, if you’re looking for a large dosage of l-arginine and getting your vitamins all in one product, ArgiLife could be for you!


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