Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement Review

Companies are coming out with l-arginine supplements quite often. Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement is a newer product on the market that brings some new ingredients to the table to enhance the effects of l-arginine.

Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement Review

arginesis l-arginine supplement

Argenesis L-Arginine Supplement comes to the market in an attempt to shake up the l-arginine/nitric oxide supplement game. It includes its own unique ingredients and touts that 2 capsules of the supplement are equivalent to eating 2.3 pounds of fresh fruit.

What’s in Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement?

Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement doesn’t have many ingredients or fillers, which it prides itself on. It also contains no salt, sugar, wheat, dairy, or GMO products.

The supplement is made up of a proprietary blend called TechNO Proprietary Blend. The ingredients included are l-arginine AAKG, ViNitrox, and OxyStorm and together add up to 1160 mg.

L-Arginine AAKG- it stands for alpha-ketoglutarate. It’s a branch of the pure form of l-arginine. This type of l-arginine aids in energy production and taps into your body’s fuel storage.

Companies tend to use l-arginine AAKG because some studies have shown that it’s better at being time released than other forms of l-arginine. Because it’s time released, it helps to increase blood flow throughout the day.

ViNitrox- helps to boost physical output, nutrition, and performance by using a proprietary synergistic blend of grape and apple polyphenols.

OxyStorm- a standardized nitrate that gives the highest amount of nitrate content using red spinach. Red spinach contains more than 5 times the amount of nitrate than beetroot powder and more than 50 times the nitrate than beet juice.

These ingredients and formulas work together to decrease blood pressure, build the immune system, and boost your libido.

How to Take Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement

Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement comes in capsule form. The recommended dose is 2 capsules, which makes one serving. Take 1-2 servings before starting physical activity.

Bottom Line

Arginesis L-Arginine Supplement is a good supplement, but a bit pricey for what it is. At $38 a bottle, it’s on the more expensive end of l-arginine products.

One of the detrimental points to this supplement is that it is a proprietary blend, so we cannot be sure just how much of each ingredient there is. It also does not contain other ingredients that similarly priced supplements have.

However, it can be effective and easy to take.


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