ArgiNext Cardio Review

ArgiNext Cardio is a supplement that can boost your nitric oxide and get your blood pumping more efficiently.

ArgiNext Cardio Review

ArgiNext Cardio

What’s in ArgiNext Cardio?

ArgiNext contains over 100% of your daily value of Vitamins C, D3, K2, B6, B12, and Folate. All of these vitamins work together to enhance blood flow and regulate your heart beat.

These vitamins also help to increase brain function and memory. They also can reduce brain fog and fatigue.

On top of that, they act as an anti-inflammatory and fight off free radicals in your blood. They also act as antioxidants that help you to keep your immune system strong.

The kicker is a 10g proprietary blend that contains key ingredients like l-arginine, AstraGin, l-citrulline, resveratrol, and beet root extract. The only negative aspect of with a proprietary blend there’s no way to know just how much of each ingredient is included.

This proprietary blend is powerful, however. Not many proprietary blends contain 10 grams of ingredients.

L-citrulline: ArgiNext contains l-citrulline Malate in its proprietary blend as a companion to l-arginine, since it helps prolong nitric oxide production in the body.

AstraGin: ArgiNext contains AstraGin in its proprietary blend as an agent that helps the body to absorb more l-arginine and therefore reap more benefits from the supplement.

Beet Root Extract: ArgiNext contains beet root extract, which naturally helps level out blood glucose levels and curbs insulin resistance.

Resveratrol: ArgiNext contains resveratrol, or red wine extract, which is packed full of antioxidants that may be beneficial to heart health.

How to Take ArgiNext Cardio

Take 2 scoops with 8-16 ounces of water in the morning. If you’re taking it to work out, take it 15-30 minutes before beginning.

Bottom Line

For about $50 per bottle, it’s not the cheapest l-arginine product on the market, but it’s also only a little more than average. The only damper, as stated, is that it contains a proprietary blend which makes it hard to know how much of each ingredient is in the product.

However, if those items aren’t a huge concern to you, ArgiNext Cardio really is packed with essential ingredients to get and keep your heart healthy.


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