Arginine Cardio Review

Having supplements designed specifically after a doctor’s research and knowledge gives a lot of confidence to the user. Arginine Cardio is such a supplement that provides the ingredients you need, based on 23 years of research and trials.

Arginine Cardio Review

arginine cardio

What’s in Arginine Cardio?

Arginine Cardio is based on research done by Dr. Rainer Boger, a professor and head of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Hamburg. He researched and published over 100 scientific papers over the course of 23 years.

This supplement contains vitamins, folic acid, and magnesium, along with a proprietary blend of l-arginine, l-citrulline, and other nitric oxide boosting ingredients.

For vitamins, there are vitamins C (200%), K2 (50%), B6(200%), and D3(625%). Almost all are more than what your daily value is, so your body can continue running at a great rate.

Vitamins C and B6 work as antioxidants and keep your immune system strong. Both of these help to keep your muscles and bones strong to keep you healthy.

Vitamins K2 and D3 have both been shown to help reduce blood pressure, the risk of heart disease, and blood clots. They also reduce inflammation in the bloodstream that could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Many people do not get enough vitamins K2 and D3 naturally, so having them in a supplement is vital. Being deficient in both of these vitamins typically results in a higher risk of heart disease.

In Arginine Cardio, there is also 50% of your daily value of folic acid and 7.5% of magnesium folate. Folic acid helps to break down amino acids in the blood called homocysteine. Homocysteine, in excess, can create a high risk of heart disease, vascular disease, and stroke.

Magnesium helps in over 300 body functions, helps to keep bones strong, and balances the sodium and calcium levels in your body. It also helps keep your heart’s rhythm consistent and healthy.

The proprietary blend consists of 4,470 mg of l-arginine, l-citrulline, l-taurine, tartrate, hawthorn berry, turmeric, CoQ10, resveratrol, and BioPerine. All of these increase the amount of nitric oxide in your blood and act as anti-inflammatories, helping blood vessels be less constricted and blood to flow more freely.

How to Take Arginine Cardio

This is a powder supplement and should be taken twice daily, 12 hours apart. Take each serving (one scoop) with 12 oz of water. Be sure to take them 12 hours apart or you may experience stomach pains.

Bottom Line

This product is one of the best on the market if you’re looking to keep your heart in good shape. While it will work as a workout supplement, this is geared more towards being heart healthy.

The ingredients in Arginine Cardio are quality and portioned correctly to give you the best results. You can trust that it will get the job done.

The only drawback in the price. At $79.95 a bottle, including shipping, is pretty steep for a month’s supply. However, if you buy 3 jars, it drops the price to $59.95 a jar.

If you have the budget to afford this supplement, it may be worth a try.


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