Be Aware of Excess Salt to Stay Healthy

Eating too much salt daily can lead to high blood pressure or even heart disease. Be aware of excess salt in the foods that you eat daily to protect your heart health.

Be Aware of Excess Salt

Eating out at restaurants frequently can increase your risk of high blood pressure because too much salt is usually added to their meals. The same logic goes for frozen meals that can be thawed and cooked at home.

Looking at nutrition labels before you purchase or eat anything will help you be aware of excess salt. Additionally, try to cook at home more often so that you can be in control of how much salt is going into your meals.

Here are a few everyday items to look out for:

Be Aware of Excess Salt

If you tend to eat salty foods and don’t know how to make changes, try this and get your heart healthier!

Be Aware of Excess Salt


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