Benefits of Eating Potassium Daily

The benefits of eating potassium daily include fewer muscle cramps, better blood flow, kidney function, and more. Less than 10% of Americans get the daily recommended amount of 4,700 mg.

Benefits of Eating Potassium Daily

Benefits of Eating Potassium Daily

1. Stronger Bones

Bone health is extremely important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Potassium works with calcium to create bone strength.

Potassium helps to improve bone density, which makes them stronger and more able to support physical activity. It also helps to keep acids away that could stop calcium from strengthening your bones.

2. Lowers and Regulates Blood Pressure

Potassium helps to keep muscles loose and keeps cramps at bay. Because of its relaxing properties, potassium also helps to keep blood vessels and arteries relaxed and open.

Potassium works to maintain a healthy sodium balance by making sure that it is excreted as waste through the kidneys. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure often occurs because of blockage or the constricting of blood vessels. With blood vessels able to be more open, lowering your blood pressure is one of the most important benefits of eating potassium daily.

3. Muscular Growth and Strength

As stated, potassium helps with muscle fatigue and cramps. Potassium also aids in muscle growth and repair.

It makes sure that energy is used as it should with metabolism, making it easier for muscles to heal and have more energy to grow stronger. Without enough potassium, all muscles, including the heart, can become weakened and even experience paralysis.

Exercising and body building would be much harder without potassium in your body.

4. Brain Function

Another one of the important benefits of eating potassium daily is improved brain function. Potassium benefits the brain in similar ways that it does the heart.

With increased blood flow, more blood can get to your brain, which can improve memory and cognitive functions. It can also decrease brain fog and sluggishness.

Other health problems like epilepsy may also be made partially better because epilepsy has been traced to issues with potassium channels.

5. Balanced Fluids

Your body is made up of various fluids, such as blood and water. Imbalances in the body can lead to organ problems.

Potassium helps the sets of cells that regulate the water balance in the body. This way, the organs and muscles can be nourished and keep the body functioning properly.


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