Best Nutrients for Lowering Blood Pressure

What you eat can largely impact your blood pressure for better or for worse. Making poor dietary choices can lead to serious heart health problems. Eating the best nutrients for lowering blood pressure can help prevent any heart health problems.

Best Nutrients for Lowering Blood Pressure

Best Nutrients for Lowering Blood Pressure

1. Fruits

Fruits, especially berries, are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight free radicals that our bodies breathe in each day.

They also act as anti-inflammatories, meaning that they can loosen inflamed or constricted blood vessels that may cause high blood pressure.

Eating the recommended servings of fruit (4-6) daily can help reduce the risk of heart disease as well as keep our immune system fighting strong.

2. Nuts

Cashews and almonds both have high levels of magnesium, which has been proven to help lower blood pressure.

Those who lack enough magnesium (68% of Americans do) are at higher risk of high blood pressure. In order to receive the recommended amount of magnesium, eat about one cup of cashews or almonds.

3. Dairy

Researchers found that there was a positive correlation between eating low-fat dairy and the reduction of hypertension risk. They found that those who consumed more low-fat yogurt and low-fat milk were less likely to have high blood pressure.

Dairy products contain peptides, which the researchers believe reduces blood pressure and protect the heart.

4. Garlic

Best Nutrients for Lowering Blood Pressure

Most popular for its flavoring and use against vampires, garlic also has properties that help to lower blood pressure. One study showed that patients with hypertension lowered their blood pressure by adding garlic to their diets just as effectively as prescribed medicine in 24 weeks.

Adding garlic in your food or taking supplements can help to keep your heart healthy by lowering blood pressure and reducing the level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood vessels.

5. Whole Grains

Whole grains are one of the best nutrients for lowering blood pressure because one study found that whole wheat better helped to lower systolic blood pressure than refined grains. Whole grains such as oats, bread, and rice that are more natural will help keep cholesterol down.

High levels of cholesterol and sugar can cause high blood pressure, which tend to be added to overly processed grains. When you cook at home, refrain from adding too much butter or cheeses to your whole grains.

6. L-Arginine

L-arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide, a gas created in the body that helps to increase blood flow by relaxing tight blood vessels. There are many options for supplements that contain l-arginine, such as L-Arginine Plus that are easy to take and ensure that you get the recommended dosage for a healthy heart.

However, you can also obtain l-arginine through certain foods like lean meats, legumes, and dairy. Foods high in l-arginine have proven to help lower blood pressure and even recover faster from cuts.

These are the best nutrients for lowering blood pressure and are important to add to your diet if you want to keep or get your heart healthy.


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