Best Tips to Burn Fat Faster

Over 30% of American adults struggle with obesity. That’s no secret. What may be less known are the best tips to burn fat faster through exercise to stay heart healthy.

Best Tips to Burn Fat Faster

Best Tips to Burn Fat Faster

1. Run Outside

Take yourself out of the gym and even off the pavement to burn more fat and calories. Running on the sand or a hiking trail can help you incorporate different muscles and movements.

Your body will have to work harder and your mind will stay focused on what lies ahead. It’s also easier for your joints when you run on grass or sand.

2. Exercise Hungry

Many people like to eat a meal before they exercise. That’s not a bad thing, but exercising in the morning before you eat can help burn extra fat.

This is one of the best tips to burn fat faster because your glycogen reserves will be depleted before you eat, so your body will burn fat instead of carbs. If you don’t want to lose muscle, drink a protein shake before you put in work.

3. Elevate Your Heart Rate

Lifting weights and going on more leisurely walks will help you to burn fat. What will accelerate that process is making sure your heart is pumping throughout the workout.

You don’t need to overexert yourself, but when your heart rate is elevated and you start sweating, your body begins to burn fat more rapidly even after your workout is over.

4. Mix Up Your Workout

Your muscles and body can plateau when you do the same workouts each week or you don’t continue to push yourself harder. Doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) will not only elevate your heart rate but will keep your muscles heavily engaged.

With HIIT workouts, you vary the degree of intensity for the duration of it. For examples, for a 30-minute workout, you’d do a short 2 minute warm up, build to 85% of your max heart rate for 15 minutes, and then slow down to 65% for 10 min, ending with a 2 minute cool down. You can also do 4 minutes of intense sprints with 1 minute rests in between.

5. Cut Carbs

Don’t worry, you don’t have to cut them all out. However, excess carbs can lead to bloating and weight gain, especially from simple carbohydrates like bagels, and white bread. These types of carbs are mostly made of sugar and can lead to weight gain.

Eating complex carbs like grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits can keep you fuller for longer and keep bad snacking habits at bay.

6. Don’t Watch the Scale

This may sound counterproductive to losing fat because it’s often associated with weight loss. On the contrary, losing fat does not always result in weight loss. When you workout more and include weights, your muscle can replace fat–which doesn’t show on the scale.

Instead, take pictures every month to track your progress visually. Day to day changes are hard to see so this can help you realize the muscle you’ve gained and the fat you’ve lost, keeping you motivated to keep going.


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