Cardio Defender

If you’re looking for an affordable, tasty, and effective l-arginine supplement that adds vitamins to the mix, Cardio Defender could be the supplement for you.

What’s in Cardio Defender?

cardio defender

Cardio Defender is a nitric oxide boosting supplement that has exactly what you need to get your blood pressure down and to boost your energy levels.

Proprietary Amino Acid Blend: In this proprietary blend there is 5,000 mg of l-arginine and 1,500 mg of l-citrulline and taurine. Both l-arginine and l-citrulline are precursors to nitric oxide, while taurine is an amino acid, often found in energy drinks. It is known to help with congestive heart failure and improve heart health.

Vitamin C: You will get a full daily dose of vitamin c vitamins in Cardio Defender. Vitamin c is a wonderful immune boosting vitamin that also increases energy levels. It has also been found to reduce blood vessel constriction in smaller vessels, which will reduce blood pressure.

Vitamin D:
Don’t worry, you’ll also get a daily dose of vitamin d to help your cardiovascular strength. Various studies have shown that deficiency in vitamin d can lead to heart problems while having sufficient amounts of vitamin d reduced the risk of heart complications.

Folic Acid: This ingredient is important to the reduction of plaque buildup on arterial walls that may cause high blood pressure. Folic acid also reduces the chance of blood vessels to harden and constrict blood flow.

This combination of ingredients is what Cardio Defender so good at truly defending your cardiovascular health. They have added a generous amount of each ingredient to their supplement to ensure that you receive the greatest benefit from their product.

How to use Cardio Defender

Cardio Defender is a mix in powder that is added to water. You simply pour it in, mix, and drink it once the powder has fully disintegrated.

They recommend that each packet (one serving) be taken with a meal. One packet a day may be sufficient, but you can also go up to two for “optimum results”.

Bottom Line

If individual packets are more convenient for you than a bottle, then these may be the way to go.
For a relatively inexpensive cost of $29.95 for 30 packets (about $1/packet), Cardio Defender will last you a month if you use one a day.

This formula has the ingredients necessary to notice a difference in your blood pressure and cardiovascular health, which makes it a great Cardio Defender.


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