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Healthy Cholesterol Levels, What’s Normal?

Cholesterol is usually a word we associate with heart health and Cheerios boxes. Most people know if bad cholesterol levels are too high, there is a greater risk for heart disease. However, most people don’t know what healthy cholesterol levels really are? What Are Healthy Cholesterol Levels? You should have your doctor run a cholesterol […]

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Should You Get Your Cholesterol Checked?

Knowing if you should get your cholesterol checked can be tough, since high cholesterol doesn’t necessarily present in-your-face symptoms.You can take this handy quiz to help you determine whether it’s time to see you doctor and get that lipid profile.Helpful Hint: The answer is a lot easier than you think. Download Printable Version If you […]

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Diabetes And Heart Disease: How They Relate

It’s not uncommon for diabetes and heart disease to be grouped together when it comes to medical conditions. But, why? How does diabetes factor into the list of interlinked factors that lead to heart disease, heart attack, and stroke? Let’s begin with what diabetes actually is. Type 1 diabetes is often associated with insulin dependence. […]

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l-arginine benefits

L-arginine Benefits

More and more attention is being given to the amino acid l-arginine. And there’s good reason for all that attention. L-arginine is being studied for numerous benefits and has already undergone hundreds of studies to determine how effective this amino acid is and how we can benefit from supplementing l-arginine into our diet. While the […]

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