Chamonix Heart Factors Plus Review

Treating your heart well by taking regular supplements is an easy solution to heart problems. Chamonix Heart Factors Plus adds antioxidants to their supplement to help you stay heart healthy.

Chamonix Heart Factors Plus Review

Heart Factors Plus

What’s In Heart Factors Plus?

Heart Factors Plus has a specific set of ingredients to make sure you see results. The first and main ingredient is l-arginine. L-arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide and boosts the production levels of it.

In each serving, there is 1,000 mg of l-arginine, which is not much but it is possible to take up to 6 capsules–tripling the amount of l-arginine you get. Nitric oxide will help to increase blood flow by loosening up blood vessels.

There is also 100 mg of vitamin B6 and 50 mg of calcium ascorbate. Both of these act as antioxidants and protect the heart and boost the immune system. Vitamin B6 also aids in the formulation of red blood cells, keeping your blood supply replenished and fresh.

Calcium ascorbate is a patented version of vitamin C and acts to also boost your immune system. Vitamin C can keep impurities and free-radicals out of your bloodstream to maintain a healthy blood supply.

Heart Factors Plus also contains 25 mg of green tea extract, 15 mg of grape seed extract, and 15 mg of zinc. Green tea has been shown to boost metabolism and act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Grape seed extract also acts as an antioxidant and helps promote blood flow. Zinc aids in thousands of bodily functions and is a mineral many people lack.

How to Take Heart Factors Plus

Take 2 capsules every morning with breakfast. If you’re using this product for enhanced sexual function, take 4-6 capsules 3 hours before sexual activity.

If you’re using it for exercise, take it 30 minutes before beginning exercise.

Bottome Line

This supplement is well formulated and is an effective way to boost your nitric oxide levels. It comes in capsule form, making it easier to take on the go and in general.

It is fairly expensive at $59.95 a bottle for a month’s supply. But, if you order 2 for $119.90, you get a bottle free, breaking it down to about $40 a bottle.

If you want an easy solution to heart health or sexual endurance, give this product a try!


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