Circulation Boost Reviews

Circulation Boost Reviews

When it comes to l-arginine supplements, there are a ton of options but when it comes to circulation supplements specifically, there aren’t very many good choices so we were curious if Circulation Boost was a good one.

We recently heard about Circulation Boost and after looking at the ingredients and seeing l-arginine, we were very interested of course. And after seeing the amount of l-arginine in Circulation Boost, we were even more excited. With all the Circulation Boost reviews we’ve read, we want to try it for ourselves and see what our experts recommended as far as Circulation Boost goes.

We want to share more information with you including the ingredients, the flavor, the results you can expect, and our recommendation on Circulation Boost.

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The Ingredient in Circulation Boost

Circulation Boost is a formula we really liked just by looking at the supplement facts. This formula is a transparent list of ingredients so it doesn’t hide anything behind a proprietary blend. You can see everything you’re getting in here. And here’s what you get:

L-arginine: Of course you’ll find l-arginine in here. And you get more than 5,000mg of l-arginine in Circulation Boost. With experts recommending between 4,000mg and 6,000mg per day, this packs in enough to really help make a difference when it comes to increasing nitric oxide. Users love the fact that it works fast and that’s primarily because of the l-arginine in here.

L-citrulline: Along with the high concentration of l-arginine, you get a good amount of l-citrulline in each serving of Circulation Boost. The fact that this contains more than 1,000mg of l-citrulline along with the l-arginine makes it worth really looking at. Some products definitely contain more l-citrulline than this but it’s likely more than the body can absorb. The body absorbs this over time and then converts it to l-arginine before it’s used to create nitric oxide.

With the l-arginine and l-citrulline in Circulation Boost, we have no doubt your body will be creating more nitric oxide.

Other Ingredients: A lot of l-arginine supplements or l-arginine products include other ingredients especially the powder products, but few if any offer the advantages of the other ingredients you’ll get with Circulation Boost. We’re so excited when we see the amino acids l-arginine and l-citrulline paired with Astragin® because Astragin® is clinically proven to increase the absorption of both l-arginine and l-citrulline and that means you’re going to absorb more and see better results.

With Circulation Boost, you’re also going to be getting a combination of key vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Red Wine Extract, and Trace Minerals.

How Does Circulation Boost Taste?

When it comes to l-arginine, it can be a difficult powder to overcome the taste. L-arginine is a bitter amino acid and a lot of folks try to get it in pill form. Unfortunately, you have to take about 5 to 10 pills to actually benefit the way you can from some of the powders. Yet, some of the powders out there are absolutely impossible to drink because of the bitter flavor.

As for Circulation Boost and its flavor, you’ll be happy to know, it is easy to drink because it does taste good. The Berry flavor is nice and really makes getting l-arginine in your diet easy. This mix also dissolves well in water and it can be added to other beverages if you want. We loved the flavor and think most people will especially if they know how terrible some l-arginine supplements can taste.

What Results Can You Expect?

As the name states, Circulation Boost is a supplement developed to improve circulation. We’re not surprised it does that very effectively for those we tested it with. Many of those using Circulation Boost noticed significant increases in energy without a crash (no stimulants in it), many people noticed they like using it before a workout, others we tested with noticed it helped them so their fingers and toes didn’t feel so cold.

For the most part, folks saw results pretty quick too. Some people mentioned feeling more energized with the first use. Others noticed their workouts benefited with just taking it once or twice. We would expect most people would notice some benefits by using just a single container at the very least.

Our Recommendation on Circulation Boost

If you’ve read above, you know we recommend Circulation Boost for folks looking for a quality supplement to help boost their circulation. While this is made to improve circulation, we are confident it will help in all the other areas people benefit when taking l-arginine.

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