Easy Ways to Lower Your Sodium Naturally

Sodium is a contributor to heart disease and high blood pressure. Thankfully, there are easy ways to lower your sodium naturally so you can reduce the risk of any heart complications.

Easy Ways to Lower Your Sodium Naturally

1. Look for Low-Sodium Options

For most foods you eat, like deli meat, bread, cereal, and soups, there are low-sodium options. All of these foods are surprisingly high in sodium and are eaten on a daily basis.

Simply look at the packaging and see if it says “reduced sodium” or has the American Heart Association (AHA) stamp of approval. That means you’ll be healthier but still enjoy the foods you love.

2. Choose Healthier Substitutes

A lot of processed foods contain a lot of sodium to keep them fresher. Even fast foods have high amounts of sodium that can be swapped out for something better.

For example, instead of a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin which has 820 mg of sodium, make your own at home! Make two scrambled eggs, a piece of bacon, and put it on a piece of low-sodium bread. This will also reduce the amount of fat and calories.

Another example is to swap out store bought salad dressing for homemade ones that consist of olive oil and/or vinegars. This will greatly reduce your sodium intake if you’re a salad eater.

3. Make Requests at the Restaurant

Restaurants are guilty of loading their food with sodium as well. One of the easy ways to lower your sodium naturally is to ask for it to be prepared without added salt.

You can also ask the waiter which foods are made without added salt and order those. For many meat dishes, the glaze or sauce is pre-made, so you can ask for it on the side to control how much is eaten.

Sauces like bbq sauce, ketchup, and marinades can be high in salt so eating less can make a difference in your intake.

4. Eat Fruits and Veggies

When you’re in the need for a snack, look for fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits can satisfy sugar cravings and vegetables keep you full for longer.

Vegetables make for a great side dish that requires little-added salt. You can use herbs or seasonings instead of salt to add some flavor to them.



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