Effects of Stress on Your Body

Stressful situations arise at least once a day, for many it’s multiple times a day. The effects of stress on your body can be drastic and severe if stress is not properly managed or dismissed.

Effects of Stress on Your Body

Stress increases cortisol levels, which is a hormone produced in the body. This can offset testosterone levels, lead to weight gain, and increase blood pressure.

When your cortisol levels go up, your blood vessels can constrict and make it difficult for blood to flow. Have you ever felt a tightness in your chest when you’re stressed? Those are your muscles tightening and constricting blood flow.

Being stressed triggers your natural “fight or flight” reaction, which gears you up for survival. We don’t necessarily need such instincts for most of our day to day situations, but having these reactions continuously can be detrimental to you health over time.

Here is an infographic of the effects of stress on the body:

Effects of Stress on your Body

If you’re feeling constantly stressed about work, life, or any other personal matter, try deep breathing exercises and meditation. Find a peaceful place to sit, think, and clear your mind.

Exercise also helps to release endorphins, which help decrease the level of cortisol and bring natural happiness. It also helps to clear your head and not think so much about whatever is causing you stress.

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