GAT Sport Nitraflex Pre-Workout Review

Boosting your testosterone and getting jacked is made much easier with GAT Sport Nitraflex Pre-Workout. This supplement is made for guys who want to get vascular and push their weight lifting to the next level.

GAT Sport Nitraflex Pre-Workout Review


A lot of supplements out there make claims that they can make your muscles pump and get huge, but then only include a gram of l-arginine. Nitraflex gives you exactly what you need, plus more, to gain muscle mass.

What’s in Nitraflex?

Nitraflex uses a blend, which normally would raise flags, but this blend contains over 7,000 mg of ingredients that increase nitric oxide and energy production. This blend doesn’t mess around with getting you ready to work.

The ingredients listed in the blend are citrulline, citrulline malate, l-arginine AKG, resveratrol, and pterostilbene. L-citrulline and l-arginine are both amino acids and precursors to the production of nitric oxide.

They also help to reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow, giving muscles more nutrients and energy. Resveratrol and pterostilbene are both antioxidants that help to improve blood flow and boost metabolism.

Nitraflex also contains an Endurance Complex that includes beta alanine, caffeine, DMAE bitartrate, and theanine. The caffeine content is high, with 325 mg per serving. Be careful if you’re not used to drinking caffeine because you may get the shakes or jitters.

All of these ingredients combined create more focus and energy for you to push yourself harder each day.

How to Take Nitraflex

Because the formula is quite intense, it’s recommended to take just half a serving on your first training day. After you’ve gotten used to it, take one serving 30 minutes before exercising.

For days where you won’t be training, take it in the morning. Do not take it within 5 hours of going to bed.

Bottom Line

For only $30 a bottle (it will last you a month), you can get pumped and get gains like never before. Nitraflex has ingredients that are made for warriors and will get the job done.

Each day you’ll lift harder, recover faster, and gain serious muscle. Give it a shot if you want to up your game!


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