Grill Up Some Healthy Summer Meals

The smell of a bbq means that warm weather and summer are here! If you want to stay healthy at the family picnics, grill up some healthy summer meals that everyone will enjoy.

Grill Up Some Healthy Summer Meals

Grill Up Some Healthy Summer Meals

1. Grill Up Fruits and Veggies

We all know that adults and kids alike can be picky eaters when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Anything green will make kids run away.

Try grilling your vegetables with some olive oil, light salt, and/or balsamic vinegar. It makes the vegetables taste like a sweet treat.

For dessert, try grilling up some pineapple with a little brown sugar on it. You won’t be disappointed. You also will have an easier time turning down the cookies and ice cream.

2. Grill Up Lean Meats

To grill up some healthy summer meals, you need to cut back on the fattier meat. Instead of beef burgers, try out turkey burgers. They end up tasting about the same and are much healthier.

Also, try to reduce the number of hot dogs you eat. They are filled with fats and nitrates that are harmful to your heart health.

3. Use Spices Instead of Salt

Salt enhances natural flavors and is easy to add in. However, adding salt to meats and veggies can be harmful to your heart and cause bloating.

Instead of salt, try using spices and dry rubs. These will add plenty of unique flavor and also reduce the need for sauces, which are also high in salt.

4. Eat Whole Grain Buns

The bbq isn’t complete without some hearty buns for the hamburgers. However, most buns are made with bleached flour and no real nourishment.

Instead of traditional buns, find whole grain or whole wheat. The taste difference is minimal but the health benefits are significant.

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