How to Eat, Move and Live for Greater Longevity

We live in a world of anti-aging creams, “miracle”pills, and medical procedures that help us look younger. However, they don’t necessarily help us live longer. Rather than a quick fix, there are various ways of how to eat, move and live for greater longevity.

How to Eat, Move and Live for Greater Longevity

How to Eat, Move and Live for Greater Longevity

1. Buy Fresh Produce

With produce being at its peak for summer, now is a great time to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies and ditch the canned assortment. Fruits and vegetables like berries, nectarines, and artichoke are filled with vitamins and antioxidants that can help fight off illness.

Eating fresh produce instead of canned will have less added sugars and preservatives, which can be detrimental to your health. Also, what’s better than biting into a perfectly ripe peach?

2. Soak Up Some Rays

Getting at least 15-20 minutes of sunshine helps you receive vitamin D naturally. Spending some time in the sun has also shown to be relaxing and stress relieving.

Researchers found that direct sunlight produces and increases nitric oxide in your skin. Nitric oxide helps lower blood pressure by promoting a healthy blood flow throughout the body. A healthier blood pressure will reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, or heart attack.

3. Daily Exercise

No surprise here, but 30 minutes of daily exercise can help you stay healthier and live longer. Moderate to heavy exercise helps flush your body of toxins and keeps your heart strong.

Endorphins are also released during and after exercise, allowing you to destress for a bit. Stress and anxiety can lead to high blood pressure and further heart issues.

By exercising daily, you stay happier, healthier, and can live longer.

4. Ditch Processed Foods

How to Eat, Move and Live for Greater Longevity
It may be difficult, but ditching processed foods can benefit your health greatly. Processed foods tend to have high salt content, artificial sweeteners, and a list of other ingredients that aren’t naturally in your food.

Too much salt, sugar, or cholesterol can cause high blood pressure or obesity-both of which can cut your life short.

5. Laugh It Up

Laughter has been proven to decrease stress and release endorphins in your body, making you happier. Happier people who enjoy life will most likely live longer than those who rarely laugh and are constantly stressed.

Having a good laugh each day can decrease the risk of coronary heart disease as well. So, what better reason is there to laugh a little?

6. Find Your Passion

It may sound cliche, and we’re not saying go run away to a foreign country to live your dreams (but we’re also not condemning the idea), but finding something you truly love to do will bring joy to your life.

When you have a longer list of things you love, including your family and friends, your quality of life will increase. Feeling like you enjoy more will decrease your stress and help you to have a greater desire to live a long, happy life.

If your passion happens to be an exercise of any sort, that will be even better for your overall health and longevity because it will be both mentally and physically rewarding.

When you think of ways of how to eat, move and live for greater longevity, think of these examples and others that you may have found are already working.

While many in the world tend to fight to look youthful, you will be able to be youthful regardless of looks or age. You will be living a happy, fulfilling life, which is the most important goal to have!


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