Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter

Winter can be a rough season to keep up with your health. There are treats, heart foods, and the desire to stay bundled warmly inside. If you want to keep your heart healthy this winter, you may need to think outside the box.

Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter

Keep Your Heart Healthy This Winter

Find An Indoor Exercise

If your reason for not wanting to exercise is because of the cold, find a way to exercise indoors. You can’t keep your heart healthy this winter without regularly exercising.

Buying a stationary bike, a treadmill, or even a few weights and a yoga mat can keep you on track. Working out with these tools is easy to do in front of the tv.

There are also plenty of fitness channels on YouTube, like Fitness Blender, that are easy to follow along with and vary in the time required.

Mind the Salt

With the cold comes foods like soup, mashed potatoes, and casseroles. While these foods aren’t unhealthy by themselves, they can become so when made with too much salt.

Eating too much sodium can result in high blood pressure. So if you want to keep your heart healthy this winter, be sure to be mindful of how much salt you’re adding to your dishes.

Try to opt for homemade meals instead of store bought ones to help you control the ingredients.

Set Attainable Goals

Setting goals is a great way to keep your heart healthy this winter. Keeping track of your progress can let you visually see what you’ve accomplished.

However, setting realistic and attainable goals is the best way to go. Make your goals specific rather than general. For example, “Lose 5 pounds this month by working out each day and logging my meals” instead of “Lose weight.”

Learn a Winter Sport

If doing indoor exercise isn’t your thing, try to learn a winter sport! Activities like cross country skiing, snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding are perfect family activities that keep you in shape.

It’s also fun to learn a new hobby that you can look forward to each season. Having hobbies you enjoy will make you excited to get out and exercise.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s darker outside during winter, which may make this an easier way to keep your heart healthy this winter.

Getting enough sleep each night can help to reduce high blood pressure and give your mind and body more energy. Aim for at least 7 to 8 hours each night so that you can feel the full benefits.

If you get less than 6 hours each night, you will go into a sleep deficit, which means your body needs more time to recover.


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