L-Arginine AKG

With thousands of supplements on the market and hundreds of variations per product, it may be hard to understand certain ingredients that some companies add and others may not. For example, l-arginine supplements may contain straight l-arginine or l-arginine AKG.

l-arginine akg

What is L-Arginine AKG?

The labels won’t always lay it out for you, but the benefits of it are slightly different than that of l-arginine. Both of these forms of l-arginine help to lower blood pressure and support heart health.

L-arginine AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate) is a branch of the pure form of l-arginine. The alpha-ketoglutarate helps your body to produce energy and release your body’s fuel storage.

Fewer clinical studies have been done on l-arginine AKG, since it is marketed more towards bodybuilders looking for gains than to those looking for better heart health.

Time Release

Some companies and research claim that l-arginine AKG is better at being “time released”, so it continually boosts your muscles throughout the day. You would not need to take it as often to see the same results as normal l-arginine.

However, there is debate about how truly l-arginine AKG releases more than l-arginine. More scientific studies would need to be done.

Better Boost

One study showed that bodybuilders who used l-arginine AKG were able to lift their maximum one-rep weight for bench press. But no evidence was found that the participants’ muscle mass grew during that time.

L-arginine AKG is thought to give a better boost through vasodilation of the muscles than l-arginine, creating the optimum amount of blood flow.

Questions About Effectiveness

Similar to the study previously mentioned regarding maximum output but no muscle gain, there was a similar study that gave 24 men 12 grams of l-arginine AKG for one week. They found that while there was an increased level of l-arginine in their system, it did not correlate to increased exercise performance.

Before Taking L-Arginine AKG

Taking any supplement with l-arginine should be cleared by your doctor. L-arginine AKG has shown side effects that include dizziness, vomiting, and stomach discomfort.

L-arginine AKG can also be more dangerous that l-arginine because it may contain additives or contaminants that are unknown to the consumer. This may be a result of low-quality production or purposeful meddling with the ingredient.

If you have heart or kidney problems, consult your doctor before taking l-arginine AKG. Additionally, pregnant women should avoid it altogether.

L-arginine AKG may have benefits that l-arginine does not, but the side effects may be more severe. Talk to your doctor and see what is best for you.




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