L-Arginine by Potent Organics

L-arginine by Potent Organics

Potent Organics produces an l-arginine capsule that falls short in the way that most supplement capsules fall short—you have to take multiple capsules in order to consume enough l-arginine to feel the benefits and see results. This formula also lacks a component for prolonged benefits and nitric oxide production, as well as a component that helps the body absorb nutrients.

Overall, one might expect the bare minimum from this L-Arginine capsule.

L-Arginine by Potent Organics Users Experienced:

  • -Some Decrease in Blood Pressure
  • -Some Muscle Gain
  • -Weight Loss
  • -Increase in Energy
  • -Less Fatigue

L-Arginine by Potent Organics Ingredient Breakdown:

arginine alphaketoglutarate: L-Arginine by Potent Organics Contains 1990 mg of l-arginine alphaketogluterate, which is used mostly as a body-building supplement. Its ability to be converted to nitric oxide is not quite as reliable as l-arginine, but it does help increase blood flow and decrease blood pressure.

Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate: L-Arginine by Potent Organics contains 50 mg of ornithine alpha ketogluterate, which enhances athletic performance and helps the body make muscle proteins.

l-glutamine alpha-ketogluterate: L-Arginine by Potent Organics contains 50 mg of l-glutamine alpha ketogluterate, which helps support the body’s healthy metabolism of nitrogen, and healthy energy production.

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