L-arginine Fuel Review

L-arginine supplements come in many forms and with differing ingredients. Some are made simpler than others, like L-arginine Fuel. It’s a to the point supplement that will still get you results.

L-Arginine Fuel Review


What’s in L-Arginine Fuel?

As previously mentioned, L-Arginine Fuel is a straightforward l-arginine supplement. It only contains one ingredient: l-arginine HCL.

L-Arginine HCL- This ingredient is slightly different from l-arginine because it is machine manufactured to combine l-arginine and hydrogen chloride.

L-arginine helps to relax hardened blood vessels and increase the production of nitric oxide, which increases blood flow. HCL helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the muscles, giving them more energy and decrease fatigue.

L-arginine HCL also helps naturally increase the human growth hormone (HGH), which helps to build muscle faster than it would without it. It also speeds up your metabolism and burns fat faster.

In the recommended dose of 2 capsules, there is 1500 mg of l-arginine HCL. That dose should be enough to show you results.

How to Take L-Arginine Fuel

L-Arginine Fuel comes in capsule form and the recommended dose is 2 capsules, once each day.

If you are using L-Arginine Fuel as a workout supplement, take it about 20 minutes before you begin exercising.

Bottom Line

L-Arginine Fuel is a good product without the added fillers or ingredients that other supplements tend to contain.

However, added vitamins or ingredients like l-citrulline or folate can help give you better results.

The bottle will last you a month with a price point of $18.99. That is on the cheaper side of l-arginine supplements, but you’re not getting as much bang for your buck.

If you like a basic supplement, this one is for you. If you like to have a bit more than l-arginine, you may want to look elsewhere.

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