L-Arginine Side Effects: What You Should Know

When it comes to l-arginine side effects, the benefits far outweigh any possible negative side effects.

That’s because l-arginine is a naturally-occurring and necessary amino acid, so it doesn’t have many side effects. L-arginine side effects are typically few and far between for users who take the recommended amount of l-arginine.

In fact, most side effects experienced in l-arginine supplements are often the result of additional ingredients in the supplements, not necessarily the arginine.

Here’s what you should keep in mind when you take l-arginine.


Do you have low blood pressure?

If you already have low blood pressure normally, l-arginine might affect you negatively. This is because one of l-arginine’s many benefits is that it produces nitric oxide, which helps open up blood vessels and lower high blood pressure!

If your blood pressure already runs lower than normal (or much lower than 120/80 mmHg), l-arginine might cause it to drop further, which could lead to dizziness, fatigue, fainting, and dehydration.

If you already have low blood pressure, chances are, you don’t really need an l-arginine supplement to help you keep it in check.

However, many people wish to use l-arginine for other reasons. As a pre or post-workout drink to help with energy and muscle recovery. Talk to your doctor before you start doing this.

Are you diabetic?

L-arginine supplements can be awesome for those with diabetes for so many reasons! Because diabetes can put you at greater risk for high blood pressure, poor circulation, and eventual cardiovascular disease, l-arginine could help make a diabetic’s cardiovascular system healthier.

However, a large hurdle of being diabetic is maintaining constant awareness of blood sugar levels.

Because of this, be sure to find out what certain l-arginine supplements use to sweeten their blends.

Excess sugar could end up hurting a diabetic’s blood glucose levels, instead of helping them experience the benefits of l-arginine!


Do you have asthma?

If you already have trouble with asthma, l-arginine might not be the right supplement for you, since clinical trials showed it might make breathing more difficult for those with asthma.

Other side effects might be:

-abdominal pain

As is wise with any supplement you take, be sure to talk to your doctor about l-arginine.

We think l-arginine is great, and it is! But each body is different, and l-arginine may or may not be right for you depending on other personal health factors.

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