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If you are over the age of 50, you may be at risk of a dangerous-even deadly-heart disaster as a result of high blood pressure. But it doesn't have to stay that way!

In this FREE Report, you'll hear about a Nobel Prize Winning Discovery that lead to the biggest heart health breakthrough of the century. There has been 30 years of research and clinical studies that can show you how to say goodbye to your blood pressure problems once and for all. 

Americans Need To Know... High Blood Pressure Has Zero Symptoms. That's why it's called the Silent Killer

The first symptom of high blood pressure you will experience just might be the last - a heart attack. Gary was one of the lucky ones that survived. In 2009 Gary had a life-saving operation that included 2 stints. And Gary will still tell you that the hardest part of a heart attack is what come next if you survive... 

The Life-Saver Your Cardiologist NEVER TOLD YOU ABOUT!

The Nobel Prize Winning Research of Nitric Oxide may be the most powerful advancement in the fight to naturally lower your high blood pressure and promote your cardiovascular health in the last 50 years!

​When the rest of the work catches up - this little known product could potentially be recognized as the most effective cardiovascular supplement ever discovered.

But you can start using it to promote your cardiovascular health - and lower your blood pressure - RIGHT NOW!​

​This Miracle Molecule Helps Your Blood Pressure and also:

  • Speeds Recovery
  • Helps Regulate Healthy Kidney Function
  • Supports Healthy Immune and Hormone Function
  • Helps Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Helps Regulate Healthy Blood Flow
  • Supports Healthy Artery Function
  • Promotes Sexual Vigor and Performance
  • Supports Energy Levels
  • Supports Healthy Muscle Development

So what's the catch? Your body need certain amino acids to produce Nitric Oxide, and with it all the wonderful health benefits.

The secret weapon against deadly High Blood Pressure

Dear Friend,

I want to tell you more about Gary - the man who had a life saving operation due to high blood pressure and a heart attack. He could have easily fallen victim diminished mental powers, being paralyzed, or an untimely death.​

Luckily he escaped with surgery and a diagnosis of high blood pressure. That came with a lifetime sentence of drugs that cause skin rashes, insomnia, depression, kidney damage, and even robbed him of his sexuality.​

But now, this once-savage killer is as harmless as a drink of water.​

​Gary discovered an amino acid so safe, that is is found in most of our eggs, fruits, vegetables, milk and proteins. Almost immediately, it entered his bloodstream, increasing blood flow, delivering nutrients throughout his body.

This amino acid quickly swept 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries, and microscopic arterioles in his body, and these toxins in his body were evicted from his body as a component of urine. Now, nutrient-rich, life-giving blood is coursing to places it hasn't reached in years. Cells that were once starved and dying and now being rejuvenated.

"I am very exited, my results are jaw dropping"

"1 Simple Drink is Saving Gary's Life. It Should Be Saving Yours."

So What Is This Scientific Breakthrough?

This safe and natural amino acid works wonders that the world's most expensive drugs can't? The Amino Acid that Gary is taking is called L-Arginine. And the simple drink he faithfully takes daily is L-arginine Plus.

Within Just 2 Weeks Gary Noticed Real Changes In His Health.

    • His "dull" brain faded and he felt like himself again. Brain cells that control learning, reasoning, coordination, and memory are being rejuvenated
    • Daily naps and sluggish days have been pushed to the side, replaced with a new found energy
    • I now maintain a healthy blood pressure and don't live with the stress of thinking when my heart will give out again
    • It's easy to sleep through the night! No more insomnia or waking up exhausted.
    • His hands and feet no longer feel like ice cubes, living blood flowing through his extremities have literally warmed him up.

L-arginine Plus is setting records. It's safe and effective. And everyone who takes it wants to stay on it.

Just keep in mind... it takes eight to ten weeks before you feel the whole effect. Sure, you may fell something within 2 weeks. Some people do notice results quickly.

But in the spirit of full disclosure I want you to understand that it takes a couple of months to provide the maximum benefits.​

Why is that you wonder?

L-arginine Plus is not a drug. It's a safe and natural remedy that resets and rebalances key systems in your body. L-arginine Plus delivers clinically recommended doses of L-arginine, L-citrulline, and 72 trace minerals your body requires to repair itself. It just takes time for these systems to return to normal. 

It works!! after 3 months of use my A1c test dropped fron 6.2 to 5.5. before taking this my A1c was staying arround the 6.0 range.. my next test is to see if it lowers my LDL. so far its looking good for a change

Mindon Ron 
Verified Purchase

I've been taking L-Arginine for several months. It initiates your bodies to produce more Nitric Oxide, up to normal levels, opening arteries and veins, which is normal apparently. I'm was an 18 month Vioxx user, so there is possibility that my cardic system will be impacted, and my blood pressure has been going up, and my heart beat had been incresing, which is alarming to a former athlete who is used to a resting pulse of 55 to 65 beats per minute, but now was seeing 70 to 85 beats per minute. Well, not any more! my resting pulse is back down, I have more energy, and because better blood flow also helps all of our organs, my body just seems to be working better, and I mean everything is working like is should, but I didn't know they weren't until I reset with L-Arginine Plus. Hey, I'm no Doctor and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express... all I'm saying is this has been an amazing product for me.

Steve Sherburne 
Verified Purchase

Four months after my first heart attack, I ventured into the idea that nitric oxide supplements might be a significant strategy to combat advanced atherosclerosis. I consulted with my cardiologists, who could only offer a boilerplate HMO policy that nitric oxide supplements were still questionable, unproven, and not approved by the FDA! (Let's all take that with a grain of salt, shall we?) With my knowledge of medical history about the benefits of aspirin not recognized by conventional medicine for almost sixty years (until 1922), I decided to test L-arginine for myself. In the brief two weeks that I have taken the L-arginine Plus nitric oxide supplements, my daily angina symptoms have disappeared. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. My mental focus and emotional temperament have much improved. I highly recommend reading NO MORE HEART DISEASE by Dr. Louis Ingarro, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. His extensive research on nitric oxide is the foundation of the L-arginine regime. The L-Arginine Plus mixture is exactly what Dr. Ingarro recommends. But don't take my word for it. Try it.

Verified Purchase

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But whatever changes you see in this once week test - you be the judge.

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