Neogenis Neo40


NEO40 Daily by Neogenis Labs is an l-arginine supplement in a dissolvable tablet form containing a nitric oxide blend of l-citrulline, sodium nitrite, hawthorn berry extract and beet root powder. NEO40 daily is sold in boxes of 60 capsules, with each capsule containing 420 mg of this nitric oxide blend, accompanied by vitamin C and vitamin B12.

For a supplement that only contains 420 mg of a nitric oxide blend, and doesn’t contain a trace of l-arginine, Neo40 Daily is not ideally priced.

Those who have used Neo40 Daily experienced:

  • -Improved circulation
  • -Improved energy
  • -Some improvement in blood pressure
  • -Some aid in sleeping

Neogenis Neo40 Ingredient Breakdown:

l-citrulline: Neo40 daily includes l-citrulline in it’s 420 mg nitric oxide blend. Typically accompanied by l-arginine and found in some of the same foods, l-citrulline usually helps extend the production of nitric oxide. However, it’s questionable just how effective it is in this blend where l-arginine is not present.

Beet Root Powder: Neogenis Neo40 Daily includes beet root powder in its 420 mg nitric oxide blend. Beet root contains naturally high nitrate levels, which has been showed to help reduce blood pressure. It also has digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as works to lower glucose levels.

Hawthorn Berry Extract: Neo40 Daily contains hawthorn berry extract in its 420 mg nitric oxide blend. Hawthorn berry, like beet root, seems to be another natural remedy for high blood pressure. A component in hawthorn called proanthocyanidin may help relax blood vessels, allowing better circulation.

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