Nitric Oxide Benefits

The human body is a complex, well-oiled machine if taken care of. This means that no function of the body is ever isolated or excluded from other bodily functions.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is our body’s circulatory system. It affects everything!

From healing paper cuts to healthy brain function to a healthy heart beat, our circulatory system does a LOT.

Nitric oxide benefits seem boundless because better nitric oxide production affects a major bodily process.

Because nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, it allows a wider passage for blood flow, and healthy blood flow leads to multiple other benefits.

Since nitric oxide positively affects such a large system as the circulatory system, it has far-reaching effects in other functions of the body as well.

Blood Pressure:

Because blood pressure is determined by how difficult or easy it is for blood to pass through the veins, nitric oxide helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels by

widening the passage and making “travel” easier for your blood. When blood vessels can widen to make up for blockage created by plaque or blood clots, there is less

danger of high blood pressure, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Wound Healing:

Wounds in the body’s extremities (hands, feet, arms, legs) can have a difficult time healing if they’re not provided with the ideal environment for repair.

Blood flow greatly affects healthy, speedy wound-healing.

If you have a cut on your foot and blood can successfully carry plenty of oxygen to the site of the wound, the healing process will be healthy and normal.

Often, those with diabetes and high blood pressure have trouble healing from even small wounds due to poor circulation.

Increased Energy: Due to the increased blood flow to your muscles, caused by nitric oxide, muscle tissue has more oxygen, and can therefore do more work for longer periods of time before reaching fatigue.

Increased blood flow also helps your body’s core temperature to cool down more efficiently, which also helps increase overall energy.

Sexual Performance: Healthy blood flow is necessary for healthy sexual performance in men, since a sustained erection requires adequate blood flow.

Popular drugs on the market, in fact, help treat erectile dysfunction due to their effect on nitric oxide distribution.

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