Nitric Oxide Complex Review

There aren’t many nitric oxide supplements on the market that keep it to the essential ingredients and nothing more. Nitric Oxide Complex keeps it to the basics and provides the ingredients you need to get that extra pump you need during a workout.

Nitric Oxide Complex Review

nitric oxide complex

Nitric Oxide Complex is a simple, but very effective l-arginine based product that gives a potent amount of l-arginine and citrulline to ensure you get the maximum nitric oxide production.

Here’s what you can find in the Nitric Oxide Complex:

L-arginine HCL: This enhances blood flow, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to get to your muscles and keep them energized to get in a better workout and get bigger –fast. It also helps lower blood pressure, as more blood is able to reach your heart.

L-arginine AKG: This gives your muscles longer endurance to achieve a harder workout and to give your muscles the pump you want after pushing them hard.

Citrulline Malate: Citrulline is the precursor to l-arginine and nitric oxide, so adding this to the supplement gives you even better vasodilation. Citrulline also reduces the amount of lactic acid in your muscles so they can work longer and feel less sore and fatigued the next day.

How to Take Nitric Oxide Complex:

This supplement comes in a capsule form and 3 capsules are recommended daily for adults. There is 3,500 mg of the proprietary blend explained previously and can be taken any time during the day.


Each bottle of Nitric Oxide Complex contains 30 capsules and costs $20.00 on their website. Taking 3 a day, this bottle will last you about 10 days if you follow the recommended dose.

Therefore, if you want a month’s supply, you will need to spend about $60 per month. For a potent supplement like this one, the cost is in the middle compared to other nitric oxide supplements on the market.

Bottom Line

For certain, the ingredients in Nitric Oxide Complex set it apart from other nitric oxide supplements. However, it may not be convenient having to buy a new bottle of this product every 10 days.

If that’s not a problem for you, then give this product a try and see your muscle mass grow and your blood pressure lower!


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