Panthera Labs Primal Creatine Surge Review

Do you want to feel like a beast after every workout? Use Panthera Labs Primal Creatine Surge to get an insane pump and amplify your mass!

Panthera Labs Primal Creatine Surge Review

primal creatine surge

What’s in Primal Creatine Surge?

Primal Creatine Surge contains a powerful proprietary blend that they call “Primal Creating Surge Matrix.” Included is 3,400 mg of a mix of creatine, l-arginine, l-taurine, l-alanine, and alpha-lipoic acid.

The first ingredient listed is creatine, meaning that it makes up most of the blend. Creatine helps to fill muscle and build mass. It also boosts your testosterone levels, meaning you create more energy and can push yourself harder.

One study showed that creatine helped to increase the number of reps a person could do. A different study found that men taking creatine for 4 weeks gained an average of 6 pounds of muscle.

If you’ve hit a plateau or are having a hard time gaining muscle, creatine could be the solution.

L-arginine is the second ingredient listed. L-arginine is one of they key building blocks to nitric oxide production, which fuels your muscles and build lean muscle faster.

Studies have shown that l-arginine helps to also increase the amount of weight you can lift as a maximum rep when taken before a workout.

The next two ingredients listed are l-taurine and l-alanine. L-taurine is used to help in the release of nitric oxide into the bloodstream. It also functions as an antioxidant, protecting your blood and muscles from free radicals that can make you sick or fatigued.

L-Alanine is used to promote muscle growth, as well as keeping your blood sugar levels regular.

How to Take Primal Creatine Surge

Primal Creatine Surge comes in capsule form and is taken a bit differently than similar workout supplements. Instead of taking it before a workout, take 2-4 capsules 15-30 minutes after exercising.

On non-workout days, take it before bed time. Any time you take it, take it with 8 oz of water.

Bottom Line

For only $25.37 for 2 month’s worth of supplement, it’s a great bargain. It may be strange to take a supplement post workout, but it will help your muscle to recover faster and work hard every workout.


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