Puritan’s Pride L-Arginine Caps

Puritan's Pride L-arginine Caps

Puritan’s Pride offers an l-arginine supplement in capsule form, with two capsules containing 1,000 mg of l-arginine, 500 mg of l-ornithine, and 6.2 mcg of Chromium Picolinate. Unfortunately, these capsules don’t contain l-citrulline, for prolonged nitric oxide production, or an ingredient such as AstraGin, which helps the body to absorb nutrients from supplements.

Capsules can be great for those who might not like the taste of l-arginine supplements, but that also means you would need to take several capsules (8-10) to get the recommended dosage of 5,000 mg l-arginine.

Needless to say, one bottle of Puritan’s Pride L-arginine Capsules will disappear quickly. This, however, is offset by the low price of one bottle.

Finding reviews about customer experience with this product was difficult. The few reviews that were found were quite mixed, ranging from those who experienced no change or benefits, to others who may have seen some change in energy levels.

Puritan’s Pride L-Arginine Caps Ingredient Breakdown:

l-arginine: Puritan’s Pride L-Arginine Capsules contain 1,000 mg of l-arginine per serving, a fraction of the daily recommended value needed for l-arginine to effectively produce nitric oxide.

l-ornithine: Puritan’s Pride L-arginine Capsules contain 500 mg of l-ornithine per serving. L-ornithine is important for the removal of toxic waste from the body, and can also be converted into l-arginine to aid in nitric oxide production.

Chromium: Puritan’s Pride L-Arginine Capsules contain 6 mcg of chromium per serving. The human body needs chromium in very small amounts to help regulate blood sugar and help the transportation of glucose into cells.

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