Using Your Phone to Improve Your Heart Health

Technology has been advancing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with it. Stanford University has figured out a way of using your phone to improve your heart health.

Using Your Phone to Improve Your Heart Health

Using Your Phone to Improve Your Heart Health

By inventing an app called MyHeart Counts, Stanford University can better track people’s physical activity levels and achievements.

That’s easy to do because on average, a person checks his or her phone about 46 times a day. After a run or any exercise, the person can simply input the information before they forget.

MyHeart Counts helps to track your activity through your phone or can be connected to an activity tracker. The information is then used to assess your cardiovascular health.

Users are also invited to perform a walk test and enter labs to calculate your heart risk. This app makes using your phone to improve your heart health easy.

The co-lead author of the study and professor of cardiovascular medicine at Stanford, Dr. Michael McConnell, said, “The ultimate goals of the MyHeart Counts study are to provide real-world evidence of both the physical activity patterns most beneficial to people and the most effective behavioral motivation approaches to promote healthy activity.”

So far, 47,000 Americans are enrolled in the study, with about 5,000 of the participants already done the six-minute walking test. The walking test gives the researchers and the user a better idea of the user’s cardiovascular health.

Getting data from people on their phones is easier and more accurate than collecting data from surveys. People tend to guess more and overestimate the amount they exercise on surveys, which skews results.

So far, the researchers have found that people who are active throughout the day rather than just for a short period, had better cardiovascular health. They also discovered that people who went to bed earlier and did most of their exercise on the weekend were generally healthier as well.

As more people download the app, which is free, Stanford can collect more information about cardiovascular health on a general and individual level.

If you want to be a part of the study, simply use your iPhone to download the app and start using your phone to improve your heart health!


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