What is L-Arginine AKG?

Most l-arginine products that are reviewed on this website contain l-arginine AKG. While it’s still l-arginine at its base, it’s slightly different than regular l-arginine. So, what is L-Arginine AKG?

What is L-Arginine AKG?

What is L-Arginine AKG?

If you’re just getting into nitric oxide or blood pressure supplements, it can be a little overwhelming trying to understand everything that is on the label.

L-arginine AKG stands for alpha-ketoglutarate. It’s a branch of pure form l-arginine and it aids in energy production and releases your body’s fuel storage when needed.

L-arginine AKG is more commonly added to workout products used to build muscle mass instead of blood pressure products.

Time Release Properties

One of the interesting properties of l-arginine AKG is that it’s better at having a “time release” effect than normal l-arginine. Meaning, it will produce energy and feed your muscles all day, instead of just at one time.

Not enough studies have been done to thoroughly prove this, so it may not be 100% effective in this way.

Increased Lifting Ability

L-arginine AKG has been shown in a couple studies that bodybuilders who took it could lift their maximum weight for one rep in the bench press. Pushing yourself to do a maximum rep means that you can max out the next time, too.

However, there was no evidence that the bodybuilders gained muscle mass during that time. More studies will be needed to be done on it to show the full effects on muscle mass increase.

It’s also believed that l-arginine AKG is more efficient at increasing vasodilation than normal l-arginine, which helps the muscle get more nutrients and fuel.

Before Taking L-Arginine AKG

If you’re new to taking l-arginine products, be sure that you are ok to take them. Some of the side effects of l-arginine AKG include vomiting, stomach aches, and dizziness.

Be sure to talk to your doctor if you have kidney or heart problems about taking l-arginine AKG. Pregnant women should also consult their doctor to see if it’s safe for them to take.

L-arginine AKG is an effective ingredient that can take your weight lifting to the next level. Take it as directed on the bottle to get the best effects.

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