L-arginine Powder | Grade: C+ Rated #9 Free Form

by Now Food

L-arginine Powder by Now Sports is a reasonably priced l-arginine supplement, sporting straight l-arginine instead of a blend of ingredients. The overall content of l-arginine per serving is also much lower than what is standard, and the lack of other ingredients, flavorings, or sweeteners means the taste is not optimal.

Without ingredients like l-citrulline to prolong nitric oxide production, or an ingredient like AstraGin that promotes absorption of l-arginine for maximum benefits, L-Arginine Powder isn’t the most efficient or effective choice on the market.

L-arginine Powder Promotes:

  • Improved fitness (cardio and weight training)
  • Less fatigue
  • Immune system boost
  • Quick injury recovery
  • Lower blood pressure

The Formula Behind L-arginine Powder

  • L-arginine